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es geht weiter

three new tracks added to "music" (follow navigation above). plus 10 new tracks copyleft and free to download for your pleasure on (navigate to sturclub...).

hibernia is over. uwe has taken some time-out, most of our recordings since october 2005 have been realized by the core nucleus: david, wenne and ralf. summer and fall 2005 have at least seen three sturclub live actions and 14 minutes of our music have been released on
robots and electronic brains #15. the cd-r bewegnungen has been released on one brain records and more and more is to come. i decided to publish most of the news in our sturclub wiki: as it is much faster and more comfortable to use.


the sturclub wiki (hosted for free on is activated now. find and/or add information on all projects connected to sturclub: abenteuer unter wasser: autofick: andrea duwa: attraktiv und preiswert: autoklick: albrecht/d.: alternative t´television: anmut und schönheit: aragon: and more.

moin. some new and öld but all exclusive tracks activated here
(with rather funny/interesting/hilarious comments in german)
more international stuff can be found here
(both are commercial sites, free mp3 hosting pages, with adverts)

new guestbook activated: go to blog or contact.
lots of pictures, photos and other visual sturclub information: here

two new rather obscure sturclub tracks have been added to the worldwideweb.
listen ::92::

new look. a blog. a shop.
collaboration with guerilla artists bankleer .

rasmus from push::the::button asked us to contribute some minutes to the cd-compilation that comes free with robots and electronic brains .  so we sent out both a very special tribute to amon düül and an even more special sturclub track: and guess what?!: both were accepted...
please listen here and buy the magazine.

sturclub survived an almost ninety minute performance at "radio free stuttgart". we analyzed and improvised live in the studio to a literally "handful" of listeners: more than an hour was broadcasted live to an audience of thousands...
yes: it was a great pleasure: thank you.
more information and some music is here .

three exclusive sturclub tracks can be found at
(commercial site with pop-ups, but still okay, though...)

yes: they even let us pay to have some sturclub noise on their label...
the track "der sturclub in hamburg: sonne, dylan und bier" will be released on the first trashpopterror compilation in spring/early summer 2004. and though it is a pay-to-be-on-it project it seems to be a very friendly and fair deal. the track features the four angry old sturclub men and features even more their kick-out-the-jams-brothers-and-sisters: on grandpiano, carl kruger with some prepared tapes and one prechtl demanding more beer. a pre-listen can be found here and a slightly different version will be uploaded here when the compilation is released officially.

the first official sturclub release can be obtained through the retinascan mailorder shop: the sub-divine madness of "bo" (one minute of ad hoc madness celebrating bo diddley and other entities beyond human understanding) is part of "an instant party inter pares ", a 43 track 3"-cd compilation that came free with the author's copies of the 3-cd-set "siemers inter pares inter pares", which of course was an international re-make/re-model project deadicated to the 2002 push::the::button release of "siemers inter pares".

public domain deadication
sturclub is dedicated to the public domain
all music, art & words are copyleft
copyleft kills fascists


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