sturclub: 22nd of may 2004: live on "radio free stuttgart"

three guitars, bass, toy piano, zither, plastic sax, styropor, tin cans, voices, toy organ, aluminium foil, broken vinyl, prepared tapes and cd-rs (with carl kruger, deuf, van daale, sun ra, humpback whales etc.), bongos, ashtrays, bottles, washboard, electric drills and tools:
four angry old men taking over the freedom of the radio.

the first set was a 70 minute improvisation: seamlessly floating from jamie muir to amon düül to throbbing gristle to bob dylan to very early velvet underground to some things totally different and back again. tight: tied: tired.
please contact us for your cd-r copy of the concert...

the second set is what you can listen to here: an "a-little-bit-faster-than-real-slow"-version of "i wanna be your dog": executed un-rehearsed (voran and siemers) or not even heard of (büchele and dufour): poetic free stooges: calm on...
added is some improvisation introducing illuminated lyrics in german: "no friend, nowhere. no enemy, nowhere. armour the strong against thee weak. eat the rich and eat the poor. dou what thou whilst. thee world is a burning house. communication is only possible with some one equal. etc. pp." dis-turbing.

sturclub 2004-05-22: second set
mp3 / 128 / 5,9 mb

and in praise of all the friendly people at "freies radio für stuttgart" we constructed a very short jingle using nothing but the voice of günther bajtl. lots of thanks of course go to all the people who made our performance as funny and strange as it was:

sturclub 2004-05-22: promo jingle
mp3 / 128 / 0,4 mb

all our sounds are copylefted: download, copy, distribute, re-mix / re-make / re-model, destroy, ignore what ever you want for any reason or purpose. please let us know what you did to the music: or even better: send some copies.

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