sturclub: for your pleasure
all tracks: dufour. voran. büchele. siemers.
pas d'avery tune is a sunsation. manch eines wird erst wahr: wochen später. um diese klänge zu klären (umlauthäufungen) hänge ich mich an leerzeichen auf: strange fruit. diese bande kann einfach nicht improvisieren without hanging and longing to pop tunes: guitars are too guitars. and some times we all meet on my oh-so-hard-drive and sound like "later on" with "free jazz und kinder". n'existe pas.
[mp3/128: 3,6 mb]

[mp3/128: 3,2 mb]

(rehearsal merz 2005)

e = mc 5. the monks. all i want for christmas is a monk. and yes: we have got long hair. at least one of us. or better; should have. or should shave. a better text will replace this one.

[mp3/128: 1,0 mb]

(rehearsal merz 2005)

and this is what alcohol does to elder people: they sing, voran and siemers awkwarding the sonics. bah.

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(rehearsal merz 2005)

sturclub on 42: all the greatest all time hits in less than seven minutes.

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((rehearsal merz 2005)

39: thee employment agency says hi hello to thee phantom payne:

[mp3/128: 1,2 mb]

(rehearsal merz 2005)

three cool tracks: very short: work on.

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[mp3/128: 0,4mb]

[mp3/128: 0,4mb]

(rehearsal merz 2005)

herr voran macht einen witz. herr voran is a joke
[mp3/128: 0,4 mb]

(rehearsal merz 2005)

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