and sometimes sturclub sounds like this:
all tracks: dufour. voran. büchele. siemers.
...but no one noticed this spontaneous combustion:
the velvet joy division underground: bloody botcherist strumming:
a must to avoid:

(here) she (ever) comes now
[mp3/128: 3,9 mb]

(rehearsal january 2004)

to out-kaiser mr. henry (mr. henry, please...)
and remember:
e = mc 5

kick the kaiser
[mp3/128: 1,5 mb]

(rehearsal january 2004)

metropolitribal hinterstellar overduul
not 1969, okay.

[mp3/128: 1,0 mb]

(rehearsal january 2004)

when we were young in 2003. weapon training for a live action at schapp art room in stuttgart.
with carl kruger who unfortunately has not written in for a long time.

[mp3/128: 1,4 mb]

(re: wiedersicht in 2005)

rumour has it, that all beefheart guitar solos were composed: they were not.
here is our version of :

[mp3/128: 2,1 mb]

[rehearsal and re-siemersisation 2005]

going for a-long: guten morgen - ausgeschlafen?? - early early terry riley on your back::sturclub accidents 2004: schmückt.: fünfeinhalb minuten....

[mp3/192: 7,9 mb]

((((2006: live-überlegungen))))

2006 sees sturclub as a trio: dufour, siemers, voran.
from the 2006-03-03 rehearsal: two transitional guita tracks:

[mp3/192: 3,6mb]

es reichelt
[mp3/192: 3,6mb]

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