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European Free Improvisation Pages
Begun in January 1995, EFIP is a comprehensive information resource for all aspects of the type of music known as European free improvisation. Every effort has been made to check the information on this site as far as possible; in most cases the information has been sourced from the musicians themselves. (?) feels like home to derek bailey, steve beresford, fred van hove, evan parker, john stevens, jamie muir etc.

Matthew Radey created this site in 1997 because he saw a need for a place where people could discuss avant garde music, and free jazz in particular. "Free Jazz," which is derived from an Ornette Coleman album of the same name, is a term many people use to refer to the kind of jazz that began to get lots of attention around 1960, played by Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy, and many others. This music has continued to develop since that time, and on we discuss the whole history of it, as well as its present and future, and many related topics. 

old old men
very old heroes
p::t::p   siemers on p::t::b
Push The Button Records was founded in 2002. It is a multi-national mega-corporation dedicated to bringing fame, wealth and sexual encounters to it's rooster of talented music makers. The headquarters are in the mid-sized town of Malmo, Sweden. We release music in MP3 format as well as by physical means such as CDR and meta-physical means, eg. telepathy. Check out the releases and mailorder sections.We are always looking for new interesting music. Send suggestions..

inter pares inter pares and break-the-line!
retinascan has become a fun-based platform to organise a community of electronic music dropouts, who don't feel too comfortable selling their stuff through the big capitalist machinery but want to find people with the same likings to share their music with. In the end it is an anticapitalist idea, not to sell big, not to support mass production, but revitalising the idea of art also in music. the rhizomatic microlabel work is extremely vivid and enables almost everyone who is in the net to put out his own idea of not only music but any electronic entity, no matter if it's programs, pictures or text. the development of electronic music is beginning here, and the connex between the music and its organisation in the net is more than obvious. when one can say, that the techno boom of the late 80ies and the early 90ies was made in the clubs, it might be quite okay to state that the hypes and trends in electronic music are today made by the internet. the music is made with the computer, quickly encoded and extremely fast presentable in the net without ever changing the hardware you're sitting on. creation and distribution of the work becomes one single process. the next turn from here is that the net-working is adapting the older conservative structures of hardware distribution again to enlarge bandwidth and storage capability that isn't given in the web yet. that's what retinascan does.
der verrückte fischhändler    clemens und daniel
nww danze sunflower

TROORG ( --- ! pronounced with two 'O' and no 'U' ! --- ) . the netlabel for electro-organic dance music has been initiated by flo el dot in summer 2004. purpose is to promote danceable electronic music, based on organic or natural samples, sounds and structures, and to merge experimental weirdness with complaisant audibility. electro-organic dance music is not a specific genre in particular. it is rather some kind of a cultural vision.

east noise
Roil Noise Øffensive (RNØ), was formed in 1995 as an outlet for underground, independent noise artists and for the purpose of releasing recordings and publishing work. The extreme sound and sonic anarchy we produce is fueled by a deep loathing of mainstream pop culture and the ever expanding commercial entertainment wasteland. We consider it our honor bound duty to strike dischord and chaos deep into the heart of popular culture and sabotage it's very existence. It is our therapy. Our mission. Our goal: to corrupt, mar, pervert, and otherwise warp all that is complacent and mundane. Normality is the enemy.
    We at RNØ believe that modern life has been polluted too much and for too long by massive amounts of psychological waste material in the form of all the music and advertising that one is subjected to and bombarded with on a daily basis. Everywhere you go there's some stupid r&b, pop, country or rock song playing, and an advertisement for some crap shoved in your face. For those that equate modern civilization to that of living inside of a giant dumpster full of commercialized garbage, disposable people and plastic realities, Roil Noise is our psychic incinerator.
    We don't care about profit, favored recognition or anyone's approval. Nor are we concerned with the expectations or criticisms of those who think they know everything. We do all this for our own pleasure and glory. The Roil arsenal includes a plethora of homemade noise gadgetry, analog and digital synths, drum machines, computers, guitars, circuit-bent electronics and anything else we can get our hands on.

discus records is an independent label for new electronic and improvised music: artists include simon h. fell,  julie tippetts, geraldine monk, the outward sound ensemble, derek bailey and many more. martin archer, who runs this label, was born 1957 in sheffield, england. he is self taught on saxophones (from age 15), on synthesizers and electronics (from age 35) and as a composer (from age 0). his work method / compositional style is rooted in his background in improvised music and in his wholehearted acceptance of the chance music principles within the music of john cage. if pressed he will cite as influences from the last century: stockhausen, cage, morton feldman, messiaen, roscoe mitchell, leo smith, anthony braxton, derek bailey, evan parker, soft machine, henry cow, faust, can. though is more likely to be caught listening to big youth, bob dylan, lambchop or mahler.
non toxique queen

--NON TOXIQUE LOST :::'82 gegründet - politische, elektronische,
experimentelle musik aus Berlin ----kurz :-----------------------------------"style ist irrelevant"
...................................NON TOXIQUE LOST:::founded in '82 - political, electronic,
experimental music from Berlin ----to cut a long story short:--------------"style is irrelevant"

a paradise for old fart punk collectors: thousand of rare supranational 7"s from the late 70s to early 90s complete with cover and all tracks free and copyleft to download for your pleasure: mittagspause, vorkriegsphase, satan 81, disrupters, undead, lewd: and these are not half of the first page...

aylerrecords  silkheart
ayler records and silkheart records: two swedish free jazz labels that share distribution and mailorder. very friendly and enthusiastic. and great wonderful music: john stevens, peter brötzmann, albert ayler, steve lacy, richard teitelbaum, billy bang and many more. Am 06.06.2006 eröffnet auf
eines der Größten "Musik Archive" der Gegenwart.
Wer sich jetzt schon kostenlos eingetragen möchte,
kann das unter Link hinzufügen machen.

punkradio mit autofique
neben vielen anderen lustigen musiken gibt es hier die erste seite der autofick-kassette "kopf zu! finger in arsch! pogo!" copyleft zum download.

 die sache mit den autisten

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