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this is the modern world: noise noise noise: european free improvisation: yes: old europe: thee elder gods: klangforschung, weltinnenraum und der gesang der jünglinge: psychotick meditation: snap, crackle and pop: ich habe den tod satt und ich habe die mörder satt: all, each and every information must be free: copyleft will save my soul: vereinigte individual-apokalypsen neurotransmittierter universaldilletanten: and yes: it is music: rock bottom noise: may i say: angry old men: a portrait: of the artists: as angry old men: and e=mc5: energy equals {stuttg_art} motorcity five: fnord: search and destroy: german post fluxus, baby: raw power: incus on 45: cheap imitation of christ, christo and derek bailey: final 800 x 600 solution: please do not mention amon düül on the index page again: machine number [strych]nine. and you obeyed: enter sturclub.
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